Concert Choir and Encore

Concert Choir and Encore participate in domestic and international concert tours each summer.  Tours always include many performances and cultural exchanges with other music organizations as well as attendance at performances. Touring is an important part of our organization because it allows our choristers to expand their knowledge of the world around them in an effort to make them better global citizens through exposure to various cultures, musical experiences, and learning to become great ambassadors.

Upcoming Tours
2017 New York City & Carnegie Hall
2018 Sydney, Australia

Past Tours
Past domestic tours include California, Texas, Washington DC, New York, Vermont & Oregon.  The Concert Choir and Encore have toured internationally to Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, China, Mexico, Canada, Argentina & Uruguay.


Bravo’s travel is limited to a regional trip, generally in the spring.


Our Cadet choir will have an opportunity to experience travel on a day trip within Arizona.