Our Mission

Phoenix Children’s Chorus fosters excellence in youth by facilitating artistic, musical, and cultural development through choral education and performance. We provide a professional environment in which a diverse community advances the talents, self-esteem, and life skills of its members. As global ambassadors, we develop a passion to enrich the world around us by creating perpetual supporters of the arts.

Our Vision

Build a community of life-long supporters of the arts who experience transformational and impactful moments through singing.


To provide a choral music education – The primary goal of the Phoenix curriculum will be centered on classical music theory and training.
To provide performance opportunities – Performance opportunities play choir to present well-rehearsed programs to suitable audiences.
To provide a positive learning environment – A positive learning environment is encouraged by behavior standards and a dress code. A positive attitude is encouraged for all participants of this organization.
Fostering a team effort – Each voice is essential to the sound of the entire choir. Each voice is essential in rehearsal and in performance. A choir is very much a team effort, every voice is a first string voice, there are no bench sitters.
Fostering self-discipline and self-esteem – The self-discipline of weekly rehearsals and daily practice to perfect the art of singing provides a strong base of confidence which results in individual self-esteem. As a choir working towards a performance goal, the discipline of the group will result in a concert that builds the choir’s self-esteem.


Phoenix Children’s Chorus is made up of seven separate choirs: Prep, Cadet, Vivace, Concert, Bravo, Encore and Dolce. Choristers learn the basic elements of vocal technique and musicianship skills in the Prep, Cadet and Vivace Choirs. The Concert, Bravo and Encore choirs afford its membership the opportunity to refine and cultivate quality choral singing. In addition, members learn self-discipline, self-esteem, poise, and become aesthetically conscious through performance and travel experiences.  Poco Voce is a music exploration class for boys and girls ages 6-8.

Phoenix Children’s Chorus is not intended to replace a child’s participation in his or her school music program; rather it should enhance and add to his or her enjoyment of music. All members of the Phoenix Children’s Chorus are encouraged to join their school’s choir.