Since 1984, Phoenix Children’s Chorus (PCC) has been transforming children’s lives through music by facilitating artistic, musical, and cultural development, and offering world-class choral education. More than just a performance ensemble, PCC prides itself on its rigorous music education curriculum including the study and practice of vocal technique, innovative music literacy instruction, and professional performance skills. The artistic team is staffed with experienced and successful educators with degrees in music and education who average more than 10 years of teaching experience. PCC started with just 35 children, became a 501c3 nonprofit in 2010, and has grown to become Arizona’s premiere mixed-voice youth choral education program, with more than 400 choristers in a variety of ensembles.

Phoenix Children’s Chorus offers multiple choral experiences to allow families to choose the best fit for their child. PCC Downtown is an auditioned premier program for children in grades 3-12 featuring touring ensembles, weekend overnight camp, small group music literacy classes, and performances in Arizona’s finest concert venues. PCC Voices is a neighborhood choir program for children in grades 3-9 serving local communities with engaging choral rehearsals integrated with music literacy. Poco Voce is a music exploration program for K-3 designed to form the building blocks of musicianship offered at all our locations with no audition required.

Our comprehensive program helps children from across the Valley — from economically and culturally diverse backgrounds — to build self-esteem, practice teamwork, and develop broader cultural understanding through music. We strive for variety in our artistic programming, performing an array of styles and genres, premiering new works, and singing traditional choral favorites. Choristers gain professional performance experience through staged concert series, community performances, domestic and international touring, and collaboration with fellow arts organizations. Touring throughout the United State as well as international destinations like Germany, Australia, Italy, China, Ireland, Argentina, and Russia have provided PCC choristers and families cultural and musical experiences that form the foundations tolerance, respect, and understanding.

A quality music education should be accessible for all children regardless of gender, race, religion, orientation, or religious beliefs. Phoenix Children’s Chorus builds connections in a diverse community through music, inspiring lifelong engagement in the arts. Different backgrounds and experiences make PCC stronger and impart new perspectives that will build lasting benefits beyond the classroom and the stage.

Our Mission

Foster excellence in youth by facilitating artistic, cultural, and personal development through choral education and performance.

Our Vision

Build a vibrant community of life-long supporters of the arts who experience impactful transformational moments through singing.

Our Core Values

Education – Music education is our foundation. Choristers develop musical literacy, self-confidence, a strong work ethic, and personal responsibility. PCC fosters life-long musicianship, encouraging choristers in their musical pursuits.

Community – Being a part of PCC unites us. Our choristers are a part of something bigger than themselves. Together, we create and achieve in ways that we cannot do alone. Choristers develop an understanding that they are supported and that they in turn support others. Each person’s contribution is vital to our success.

Diversity – Uniqueness is powerful and our differences make us stronger. Learning to see things through multiple perspectives expands our world view. We promote developing acceptance and eliminating discrimination.

Excellence – Being the best is no accident. We purposefully strive for excellence in every aspect of our program. Each chorister experiences a personal and communal sense of pride in making excellence a habit.

Joy – Singing, learning, building community, and reaching our goals is fun! The experiences every chorister has with PCC cultivates self-worth and a sense of accomplishment that they carry for the rest of their lives.