Bravo is the high school training choir that prepares our choristers for the advanced level high school choir. This choir meets each Tuesday evening 6:00-8:30 at our main campus, The Phoenix Center for the Arts in Central Phoenix. Bravo tours regionally each year and is made up of 9th through 12th grade students. The conductor of Bravo is Mrs. Jennifer Paz and the accompanist is Mrs. Lori Woods.

The purpose of Bravo is to refine and cultivate the skills necessary for advancement into Encore. Students in Bravo demonstrate the fundamental elements of good vocal and choral technique. Students experience a wide variety of performance opportunities. Each chorister receives thirty minutes of music literacy instruction independent of the rehearsal. Choristers will raise their level of musicianship through thorough preparation of the music. Choristers represent the Phoenix Children’s Chorus in an enthusiastic and professional manner at all PCC functions and performances. Bravo members continue to learn and perform music from all genres and enhance the literature through movement and choralography where appropriate. Choristers will be role models in rehearsal, performance, and travel. Bravo will represent the Phoenix Children’s Chorus on a local and state level.