The purpose of the Poco Voce Music Exploration class is to allow students to develop the basic musical skills to be successful in Prep Choir. Students will explore the fundamentals of steady beat, melody, and rhythm through imitation, exploration, creation and improvisation. The instructor for this class is Mr. Stephen Wibe.

Students in Poco Voce meet each Tuesday evening 5:45-6:45 at our campus in Phoenix or each Thursday evening 5:15-6:15 at our East Valley campus and will perform two parent demonstrations per season. Students do not participate in summer camp, Saturday rehearsals or concerts.

Poco Voce Learner Outcomes

·    Sing using a pure, clear head voice
·    Demonstrate an understanding of beat, rhythm and pitch through listening as well as performing
·    Develop music reading skills
·    Demonstrate knowledge of solfege syllables and hand signs
·    Sing unison, rounds and partner songs
·    Demonstrate appropriate class behavior