Vivace Choir meets on Thursday evenings 5:00-7:00 at our East Valley location at the Chandler-Gilbert Community College Campus. The Vivace Choir is one of our intermediate children’s choirs made up of choristers in 5th through 8th grade. Melanie Openshaw serves as conductor of the Vivace Choir and Mr. Chris Granger is the accompanist.

The purpose of the Vivace Choir is to teach and to refine the fundamental elements of vocal technique as outlined in the Cadet Choir learner outcomes. In addition students develop melodic and harmonic recognition and music reading skills required for basic musicianship and for advancement to the Concert Choir. The concepts of good choral technique (phrasing, dynamics, tempo, etc.) continue to be developed. Each chorister receives thirty minutes of music literacy instruction independent of the rehearsal. The chorister’s sense of responsibility to himself/herself and to the other students in the choir is encouraged and ongoing as well as a sense of pride in his/her work through music of all genres, movement, and performance.