Summer Choral Camp

Choral Camp is strongly encouraged for all Choristers with the goal to form friendships, learn musicianship, and establish procedures important for the upcoming season.

Why is Camp important?

  • The choristers will become familiar with the staff of the Phoenix Children’s Chorus. It is important that a professional rapport be established between the choristers and the chorus staff before rehearsals begin for the upcoming season. This professional rapport will allow the directors to run efficient rehearsals, which will maximize learning for the chorister.
  • The choristers will get to know each other and learn to feel comfortable singing in an ensemble. Singing makes everyone feel vulnerable. It is important that each chorister feels confident and understands that their voice counts.
  • The choristers will learn and practice procedures and techniques that will be expected of them during the upcoming season. Rehearsals must be efficient if we are to present quality choral performances. This is especially important since we only meet once a week.
  • The choristers will be introduced to the music they will be performing during the upcoming season.
  • The choristers will learn basic music reading fundamentals. They will also be exposed to basic fundamental vocal technique.
  • The choristers will be involved in activities that teach the value of teamwork.
  • Basic etiquette, important when the Phoenix Children’s Chorus is traveling, will be reinforced.
  • The camp will help instill in the children a sense of pride in the Phoenix Children’s Chorus and the work they do in each rehearsal.
  • It is the intent of the staff to create excitement among the choristers and the parents about the upcoming season.

If your chorister does not participate in camp, they start the year out at a distinct disadvantage. Please ensure your choristers attend mandatory Choral Camp.