Due to Covid restrictions, rehearsal times, dates and location may change.

Phoenix Children’s Chorus is working aggressively on plans for reopening that will meet with Federal and State guidelines as well as all CDC recommendations. We are eager to get our choristers singing.  Revised Covid Payment schedule will reflect a reduction in our tuition rate due to Covid challenges.

Rehearsals are held from the middle of August to the middle of May with a break in December for the holidays.

Phoenix Children’s Chorus – Downtown
Rehearsals on Tuesday at Shrine Auditorium
552 N 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008
• Poco Voce 5:00-5:45
• Presto 5:00-6:10
• Canto 6:00-7:10
• Cadenza 6:20-7:35
• Bravo 7:20-8:30
• Encore 7:45-9:00

Voices East Valley
Rehearsals on Thursday at Foothills Community Church
700 S Hamilton St, Chandler, AZ 85225
• Poco Voce 5:00-5:45
• Vivo 5:00-6:10
• Vivace 6:20-7:30

Parent Support

The success of the PCC programs depends heavily on parents taking an active role in the Friends of the Phoenix Children’s Chorus through volunteerism and least one parent needs to serve on a committee of their interest. We request 25 parent volunteer hours each year, per family, which breaks down to 2 hours per month.

Poco Voce music class – $280 for full year

Choir Tuition (typical choir season)
Covid programming tuition schedule available upon request

Presto  – $440* / year
Canto – $520* / year
Cadenza – $600* / year
Bravo choir – $600* / year
Encore choir – $600* / year
*May be subject to change annually

A 25% discount is given to the 2nd sibling in a family and a 50% discount is given to 3rd or more siblings in Prep through Encore Choirs for tuition and choir usage fee.  Discount does not apply to Poco Voce music class.
Payments are due starting July 20th and a 8 month payment plan is available.
Each chorister receives over 100 hours of choral instruction during the choir season.  The average cost to participate in choir is less than $8 per hour.

Additional Costs

Choir Fundraising Tuition (Choir Usage Fee) – $280 due in 8 monthly payments
Fundraising opportunities will be available throughout the year to offset tuition and choir usage fees.

Performance Uniform – $35 to $100
Cost varies based on the choir in which the student is participating and the type of uniform.
This fee is due October 1st.

PCC T-Shirt
The t-shirt is used for various functions and performances throughout the year and is free with your tuition.

Summer Choral Camp – $170
The camp fee and first tuition fee payment are due by July 20.
More information about our summer choral camp can be found HERE.

Choir Tour – Cost Varies
Tour opportunities each year will require additional expenses, based on location and duration of tour.

Additional Responsibilities

Please take a moment to read the additional parent responsibilities outlined in our handbook.

View handbook excerpt

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify through an application and qualification process.
Please contact the office at (602) 534-3788 for further information.

Program Comparison