PCC Voices is a program within the Phoenix Children’s Chorus that provides high quality choral education and performance anchored in communities throughout the Phoenix metro area. Each independent program will provide rehearsals and performances in the community that it serves, eliminating the need for extensive travel to find a quality music education program. Our inaugural location will serve the East Valley at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. Additional program locations will be available soon.

PCC Voices Highlights
• Open to grades K-9
• Weekly rehearsals/classes
• Day camp to start the season
• Winter and spring concerts
• National Anthem performance at the Arizona Diamondbacks

Rehearsal Schedule & Fees
Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings September to mid-May with a break in December for the holidays at Chandler-Gilbert Community College 2626 E Pecos Rd, Chandler, AZ 85225
• Poco Voce 1  4:45-5:30 & Poco Voce 2  5:40-6:25 (placement based on ability)
• Vivo 5:00-6:15
• Vivace 5:00-6:15
Poco Voce music exploration class – $280 for full year September to May
Voices Vivo – $400 / year
Voices Vivace – $400 / year



Poco Voce is a music exploration class that allows children to develop basic musical literacy and vocal skills. Students will explore the fundamentals of steady beat, melody, and rhythm through imitation, exploration, creation, and improvisation. Poco Voce meets weekly for 45 minutes and will perform two family demonstrations per season.
Poco Voce 1 – Grade K-2
Poco Voce 2 – Grades 2-4

Poco Voce students will learn to:
• Sing using a pure, clear head voice
• Demonstrate an understanding of beat, rhythm and pitch through listening as well as performing
• Develop music reading skills
• Demonstrate knowledge of solfege syllables and hand signs
• Sing unison, rounds, and partner songs
• Demonstrate appropriate class behavior



Vivo is a choir for students in 3rd to 5th grade that introduces and teaches the fundamental elements of vocal technique and music literacy. Choristers are encouraged to develop self-control, discipline, and stage presence as each relates to the music, rehearsals, and performances. Choristers will realize a sense of pride in their work through learning music of all genres, basic choral techniques, movement, and performance.

Vivo choristers will learn to:
• Produce a clear and pleasant head tone
• Demonstrate correct singing posture
• Read simple rhythmic patterns
• Demonstrate knowledge of solfege syllables and hand signs
• Sing a major scale in tune in solfege syllables
• Sing unison, rounds, and partner songs
• Demonstrate appropriate concert etiquette



Vivace is a choir for students in 6th to 9th grade that teaches and refines the fundamental elements of vocal technique. In addition, choristers develop melodic and harmonic recognition and music literacy required for independent musicianship. The chorister’s sense of responsibility to themselves and to the ensemble is encouraged, as is a sense of pride in learning through music of all genres, movement, and performance.

Vivace choristers will learn to:
• Consistently produce a clear and pleasant head voice
• Demonstrate correct singing posture and breathing techniques
• Read simple and complex rhythmic patterns
• Sing interval sequences with solfege syllables
• Sight sing simple pitch and rhythm sequences
• Sing two-part harmony
• Develop an understanding of dynamics and phrasing
• Demonstrate appropriate concert etiquette